Why and How to (Easily) Cleanse Your Energy




     All that talk you hear about “vibrations” and “frequency” is referring to energy.  We all carry an energetic field which is our aura and this is what we emit and also what protects us. The same way we have to be mindful about what we’re putting out into the world, we have to watch what we’re allowing in.

     Even the most introverted of us constantly engage with others as part of our day to day lives but what we don’t often realize is that all of these interactions are energy exchanges. Some of us are even more hypersensitive and can pick up others’ energy fairly easy.  There’s also energy vampires, those people who take and take from us without contributing anything to refuel the source.  Our auras are also affected just as much by our inner voice than by the external.  Constant negative, worrisome thoughts create a disturbance to our energy fields and strip us from vitality.

     If we don’t constantly cleanse and protect our auras, we’ll just end up feeling drained and with nothing left to give.  Here are three easy ways to cleanse your energetic field:


1. Smudging.  This is probably the most popular one.  Get yourself some sage or a piece of palo santo and light it in your living space, around yourself and even your car.  I even sage my friends sometimes.  These are my favorite sage incense sticks.
2. Ground yourself in nature.  It could be because I’m a Cancer but the ocean has always offered me great healing, whether it’s being in it or just looking at it.  Standing barefoot in the grass and just taking a few deep breaths helps, too. Or simply, look up. Connecting to the source instantly raises our vibration.
3. Reiki. If you’re ready to go one step further, seek out a reiki practitioner.  Reiki helps clear any blockages in your energy centers (chakras). It’s a practice that’s helped me immensely.


     New and full moons are potent times to indulge in self-care and practice some cleansing rituals and there’s a new moon today!  Listen to your body and your emotions and give yourself what you need and are ready for.  You can’t move forward if you’re constantly feeling down and you can’t give to yourself or others without replenishing the source, which is ultimately you. I’d love to know your cleaning rituals and how this serves you.


Stay sacred,