Welcome to the New GinnaG.com!


     Back in 2015, I started this blog solely as a way to share my personal life lessons.  Despite the support of a loyal few who found solace in my posts, self-doubt crept in and I let it win resulting in lack of consistency.  I wasn't believing in my message or in myself being a well-founded enough teacher on the topics I was writing about.

     I've since learned that these are games our mind plays when we're doing purposeful work that involves putting ourselves out there and letting our light shine.  The realization that helped me transcend the doubt was that I've done so much of the inner work, the hard way.  That story is my credibility so I'm now better equipped and more confident in the power of sharing it.

     I also learned that this message is bigger than me so it's actually my responsibility to pass it on and continue doing so.  As my girl Gabrielle Bernstein says, "The world has less healers than people who need healing."  We're not here to feel defeated and I feel a calling to aid in that collective shift to lightheartedness - a calling that's gotten so loud, I had no choice but to step into my power and answer it.

     My intention for GinnaG.com moving forward is to hold the space for the inner transformation of others through authenticity and connection, not self-righteousness.  I believe in your infinite potential.  I see your pain, I've felt it and hopefully, we can escape it together to create a lasting, fulfilling change.

     You can expect posts from me every Thursday on spirituality and wellness, and how to implement more of these practices into your own life the way it is right now.  I go out, too.  I drink, too.  We don't have to be yogis and vegans and chant in our meditations to live a more mindful lifestyle and experience more joy.  Also, anything you read from me is about something I've lived or tried myself as I'm not here to waste your time or mine.

     The web design is fresh but all of my old posts are still available if you want to re-read them, or read them for the first time if you're new.  (Hey!)  In honor of today's new moon, my new post "Why and How to (Easily) Cleanse Your Energy" is also available for you to check out.  Get to know the existing content and if you're into it, please subscribe so you can receive all of my new posts right in your inbox every week.

     With deep love, I thank you for your support and the time you took to read this even if it's not for you.  I look forward to what we'll create together.



Stay sacred,