How to Cut Cords




     Etheric or energetic cords are attachments rooted in fear that we have to certain people, situations and sometimes even objects.  Doreen Virtue describes them, " hoses, with energy directed back and forth between two people."  No matter how much inner work we know we've done, these cords make us continously feel the shadow of this attachment on our backs.

     This constant transaction of fear leaves us (and the other person involed, if there is one) feeling anxious, worried, depleted and ultimately, powerless.  Constantly feeding this kind of exchange also only creates more of the same kind of situations.  Thus, finding ourselves stuck in the same pattern is a clear sign of us being tired to etheric cords.  If you're reading this, chances are you're ready to leave at least one of these behind so here's how:


-Visualization (Perhaps the most popular method and my personal favorite):
Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Picture the person/situation/object in front of you and envision a cord connecting the both of you.  Allow all the feelings you have about this connection to surface and BE FELT.  Affirm that you forgive yourself and all involved in this attachment and that you release it and all the fears that have kept it alive with love (not resentment, guilt, or anger).  Now, envision yourself cutting the cord with scissors, a sword, a knife, or whatever instrument you prefer.  Smile and take a deep breath in the lightheartedness of the moment.  This would also be a good time to smudge yourself and your space if you wish.  Repeat this for 30 days.

-Guided meditation:
If you're not up to doing this yourself just yet, here are two guided meditations you can follow (These are a bit long, though. About 30 minutes each):


Cutting cords is an energetic process but even then, it'll require some action.  If you're thinking the visualization and meditations alone are going to "cut the cord" for you, you're mistaken.  There are complimentary and will only support your own work.

     This practice will remove the toxicity fom your aura and create space for new, more blissful opportunities to come in and for us to feel like we deserve them.  Like we created them, becuase we did.  The more we practice it, the more we take ourselves from that anxiety and worry to lightheartedness and joy.  I know this will serve you.


Stay sacred,