An Exercise for When We're Feeling Fearful

     This week I wanted to share an exercise I always turn to when I need to undo some fears.  It's a practice that has filled up pages in my journals over the years and continues to do so because it's been supremely effective for my journey.  I know it'll work for you, too.

     Fears really only live in our minds and our critical thoughts feed them.  What gets rid of them for good is actually seeing them head-on, and that's what this exercise is about.  Here's how you do it:


1.  If there’s a specific goal or desire you’re feeling fearful about, write it down to remember the purpose.
2.  Under that, list all the fears you have regarding this goal or just fears you have in general.  Be specific and honest with yourself.  “You can’t heal what you never reveal”. Word to Jay-Z.
3.  Next to your fears write how you would feel if they happened. What are you so afraid of experiencing?
4.  Now that those are in the open, where do you think this is coming from?  Is it from childhood?  Do you need build your self-esteem?  Practice non-judgment here and write that down, too.
5.  This may be the first time it’s all out in the open.  Take a moment to acknowledge everything you wrote down.
6.  Release these fears and affirm that you are safe. Literally tell yourself, "I release these fears and know that I am safe."
7.  Write a new story where there is no place for fear.


You can download a printable PDF here of a sheet where you can do this exercise but if it's easier for you to write it down on your own or type it in your phone, by all means please do.  For guidance, here's an example sheet with a fear I had before re-launching

Fear Worksheet Example.jpg

     This is powerful work that can create breakthroughs.  It's not always pleasant seeing what we've been holding in for so long all exposed like this, even if it's to ourselves.  Let alone coming to terms with the fact that we've believed them and fed them for so long.  It's all part of our stories, though, so leave the judgement behind and get to releasing.  Your new story awaits.  Did this serve you?  How?  Leave me a comment down below.


Stay sacred,