Ginna Gonzalez is a seeker with a deep curiosity of the human spirit and aspiring thought leader. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and is currently attending a graduate degree program for clinical mental health counseling.

After living her formative years on the surface level of life (without intention, appreciation or knowledge of self), Ginna’s restlessness led her to an awakening. She began to dig deep and face her wounds head-on to heal them and create a new fulfilling and joyful existence for herself. What she continues to gain has been invaluable and she knows if she’s doing it, anyone else can too.

Because of her beliefs in the infinite potential of all and mental and emotional health being just as indispensable as the physical, Ginna curates GinnaG.com as a sacred virtual space for souls who want to be more in tune but don't necessarily resonate with the culture of yogis and vegans because hello, you don't have to! We all struggle with the angst of the human experience.  She uses her posts, in which she shares her own personal lessons, to strengthen her practice and help foster that of others. Thus, aiding in making this existence thing a little bit easier on the collective.

Ginna is currently based out of Miami, Florida.